The Silver Arrow Mains Sig. Is the culmination of over five years research into the effects of different conductors and geometry's on the sound of various electronic components. It employs multiple individual strands of 18 awg heavily silver plated ofc copper wire encased in a PTFE dielectric.

All the above add up to a stunning increase in sound quality over standard mains cables. Less distortion -- no time smears -- better bass -- astonishing clarity!

These conductors are then formed into tightly twisted pairs and braided into a special EMC / RFI rejecting geometry.

There are two types of Mains Sigsí. Type A ( purple 45 amp. ) & Type B (black 60 amp. ). Type A is used with source equipment ( CD, Phono stages, and DACs ). Type B is used with integrated and power amplifiers.

The Mains Sig. Is terminated with Wattgate IECís.

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