The Silver Arrow Cable Company are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of hi end, hand crafted, hi-fi audio cables to customers around the world. We offer a wide range of Silver Arrow cables, most of which feature >99.99 pure silver, and or, palladium conductors, in a >97% air dielectric.
Silver Arrow cables offer a complete range of hand crafted, Hi-End, Hi-fi audio cables, for the discerning music lover. All Silver Arrow cables, except for the Silver Arrow Mains Signature, and Symlpy Red speaker cable, feature our specially sourced >99.99 pure silver or palladium conductors, embedded in a predominately (>97%) air dielectric.

In our view, the three most influential parameters in determining the ultimate performance of an audio cable are:
(1) The quality of the conductors used. 99.99 silver or palladium
(2) The need to try and minimize ‘skin effect’ in a conductor.
(3) To eliminate, as far as possible, detrimental effects of dielectric absorption on the minute voltages and currents that comprise the musical signal within an audio interconnect. To achieve this it is necessary to employ an insulator of the lowest possible dielectric constant that, at the same time, remains a practical proposition to manufacture. (Air, natural cotton, ptfe matrix ).

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